Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Highlights - Keeping it Local

It was a beautiful weekend in Memphis so we tried to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible. While it wasn't entirely intentional, we ended up supporting the local scene quite a bit. Below is a recap of the weekend highlights.

5K Crop Hop - Downtown at the Memphis Farmers Market
Josh and I really enjoyed this race. The run went along the Mississippi River and around the downtown area. And, it was my best 5K race time yet at 28:36! Of course Josh was way ahead of me but his legs are way longer than mine!

Josh refused to take a pic with me by the scarecrow. He claims that he wasn't
awake yet but I think he really just thought that I looked like a dork!

Memphis Farmers Market
The run actually supported the Memphis Farmers Market so we could conveniently shop while we waited for the race to start.


We picked up this yummy blackberry peach jam

Buying flowers is my favorite part!

I love having them in the house!

I bought some rosemary, basil and oregano - here they are after I planted them in some cute pots

Girl Time!
Next, I met up with my girl Amber. We used to work together but she has since switched jobs so we like to met up during the week or on the weekends. Most often, our outings involve one of my favorite activities - shopping:) I could be a professional! And, she is always really impressed with how quickly I can calculate sale prices in my head (got that from my mom). Too bad my math skills aren't that great outside of the shopping environment...

First, we went to the Skyros Warehouse Sale. Skyros makes really pretty plates and platters. Isabella is my favorite pattern. I picked up this pretty platter. Sale price $30, Retail price $144....see, I could be a professional!

Next, we ate lunch at The Elegant Farmer, one of my favorite local spots which buys most of their goods from farmers markets. They actually have a chalkboard inside that lists all of the local farms that they bought from that week. Since it was so nice out, we ate on their beautiful patio.

This was followed by more shopping which worked up our appetite again. So, I twisted Amber's arm into going to YoLo, my favorite yogurt place. They purchase their large variety of toppings from local businesses.

Memphis Redbirds Game
We wrapped up the weekend by going to a Redbirds game. The season started this weekend so I look forward to going again!

And, I discovered Shock Top at the game. It's similar to Blue Moon. I love it!


Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

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